Bloomberg Charting Futures

A weekly video mixing live financial data & human curation to provide a clear picture on trading Futures.

Total number of videos created Weekly
Trigger type User
Average creation time 3 min

Bloomberg asked us to work on our data visualization magic once again for an automated video campaign analysing the futures market. We created a concise (and eye-catching) financial recap published every Monday right after market closure.

A different colour for every Future: Algo keeps things interesting with 4 graphic themes and 7 colour palettes that can generate countless videos. It also makes sure variation works well with randomness and that no two videos get the same look one after the other.
Human + robot

The content curation done by the Bloomberg team gives financial analysis a true voice: customized voiceovers and quotes by a range of financial experts are written & uploaded on the Algo dashboard, adding a human touch that makes the automated video campaign look personalized.

The three sound layers are automatically synchronised with the video content, matching music and two voiceover audiograms with highlights and animated text. Both visual and text content go hand in hand, maintaining ratio and look, no matter the word count.
Data Flow

Besides the content curated by the client’s social team, all other data like prices, graphs and timeframes present in the video are automatically populated with the right data in function of the ticker selected on the Algo Dashboard.

At every video launch, Algo extracts the financial data from the Bloomberg API and generates the tailored charts & graphics accordingly, making a long and tedious manual process incredibly simple and immediate.

Here’s an example of how the synergy between human curation and Algo’s automated process works, as seen in one of the Bloomberg weekly generated videos.

Reach on social media on the launch week alone

Flexible distribution

Algo makes the videos social friendly and versatile: the landscape 16:9 format posted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & the Bloomberg website automatically shifts to a 4:5 social format for Instagram, losing none of its features along the way.

Multiple formats are nowadays essential for an online presence that covers many shifting landscapes, allowing clients to stay ahead of the game on various platforms.