AI–driven videos, for Defiance Invest

Algo uses Artificial Intelligence to turn the most popular financial news of the day into an insightful video, automatically - with AI text highlights & live stock charts.

Average creation time60 secs
Total number of videos createdAI-driven
Trigger type16:9, 4:5, 9:16

Defiance contacted us to create an automation able to generate clever investor recommentations by connecting trending financial news of the day with live market data, and distribute these as sneakable videos for social media. To tackle such a complex automation, we choose to strongly rely on Artificial Intelligence.

Watch a full video created for Defiance Invest here.

Auto-trigger videos when a financial news is trending— We get access to financial news via an AI called Feedly. By picking the keywords and topics you care about, and adding relevant, trusted sources (your favorite newsrooms), Feedly generates a live feed of today’s most popular articles about a topic, pushed by their API as soon as they are trending. Their AI tool even highlights the most interesting article sentence – that becomes the perfect copy for our videos.

Live Market data — Using Feedly’s entity detection –which tells us if an article is talking about Apple, Netflix, Bitcoin (or any traded asset)– we connect to the Polygon API, that gives us access to live market data about any asset. The daily price chart makes viewers understand how the stock price is being affected by today’s news, while zooming out to the YTD (year to date) view helps us puts today’s volatility in perspective.
We then use Clearbit’s logo search API, to showcase the right profile picture.

As usual, we made sure no video looks the same. Based on the Defiance brand guidelines, we built a modular visual system made of 8 different animated backgrounds and 8 different colour palettes – one for each topic. This means there are 64 possible cover scenes for the videos.

From trending article to video in

Automatic distribution on TikTok

With our automated reformats, videos are distributed on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Stocktwits (a social platform for investors) and on TikTok.

The project profits from our automatic integration with TikTok, allowing Defiance to cover the daily financial news faster than anyone else, big financial players & influencers included.