Automated fundraising videos

To help Doctors Without Borders spread their humanitarian efforts, we developed a modular template allowing them to react fast to crisis by producing content that raises funds & strengthens their impact around the world.

Average creation time2 mins
Total number of videos createdManual
Trigger typeMultiple

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and the pandemic made it even worse for those in need. Doctors Without Borders (Mèdicins Sans Frontieres) is an NGO constantly fighting against diseases, natural disasters, and wars in developing countries across the world, but in order to do this important work, they need support and funds.

When we approached the project, we thought about how to help their global communication team to react quickly to new soaring crisis, as well as being more active in spreading the work they do around the world.

The video creation is done entirely on our dedicated dashboard. We created 7 different modules that can be selected in any order and then customized manually. Then, the Doctors Without Borders team can add in text and images, use a library of illustrations and icons, customize three different types of charts, interact with Google Maps, and even upload a custom audio file.

This is what we mean with a modular dashboard: we give the most freedom to our clients by creating an easy-to-use platform to launch their videos. Our goal was to give the Doctors Without Borders’ team a wide range of scenes and elements, delivering a variety of videos and helping improve the storytelling.

Custom Audio Upload

To allow even more personalization and give an extra human touch to the videos, we developed the waveform scene: the user can upload a quick audio file and a photo of an expert. From this audio, Algo would use the waveform to animate the circle around the speaker’s image in sync with the voice.

For every paid media $ spent, the client had a ROI of

Visual Metaphors Library

We developed a tailor made library of animated illustrations, covering the most frequent issues Doctor Without Border faces worldwide. By linking the illustrations with data, the selected design is customized with the video’s main color palette.

Most of Doctors Without Borders’ videos revolve around the same topics: conflicts & war, social issues, natural disasters, and medical issues. We developed a color palette, starting from their recognizable red color, to illustrate each topic.

In order to help Doctors Without Borders report the work they do around the world, we allowed them to showcase data through 3 charts types: bars, lines or pie charts.