Ferrero New Year Wishes

Thanks to Algo every Ferrero team member can send a personalised holiday wishes video –made in live action set design– to colleagues and friends around the globe.

Total number of videos created+3000
Trigger typeUser
Average creation time30 secs

If a picture is worth a thousands words, say it with a video. Through a simple online form, the 30 000 Ferrero team members around the world can choose their receiver, add a personal holiday wishes message and hit send.

The recipients will receive an email bringing them on the initiative's dedicated website where they can watch their personalised video and read the wishes message, together with a Xmas themed end animation randomly chosen among 9 options.
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Web Experience

To optimize cost and reach a great potential scalability, we decided to tackle the project with a combination of a web-based experience and an optional video rendering in cloud.

The web experience is made possible thanks to an html animation layer exported from After Effects through the Lottie / Bodymovin library, then customised on the fly by Algo. In this way the customisation is immediate and the real-time rendering of the experience happens in the browser, on the user device.

This solution, which is cross-browser and mobile compatible is great especially when the output can be a webpage (instead of a video file).

Adopting this approach we can produce huge numbers of web animations, up to
Ferrero Background Image
Iphone X mockup Ferrero wishes customized page Screencast
Video Rendering

After watching the web animation, users have the option to download the video and share it on social media.

This triggers the Algo video rendering engine so that, after approximately 30 seconds, the video file is sent via email. Creating an actual video file is key to enhance a positive sharing loop, since video is the best performing content on social.

The mix of a web experience and the optional download of a video file is the best way to tackle a project with huge scalability needs, but without compromising on the social media distribution.
A global project for a global team. Ferrero is spread in many different countries over the globe. To make this campaign effective we thus had to localise every aspect of the experience in 10 different languages. For example, we had to make the video customisation work with glyphs from the chinese, russian and turkish alphabets.
New Year Wish Example
New Year Wish Example
New Year Wish Example
New Year Wish Example
New Year Wish Example
New Year Wish Example