Automated Greeting Cards

We created a custom platform for the creation of personalized greeting cards to be used and shared by over 13K users around the world.

Average creation timeUser
Total number of videos created5K/minute
Trigger typeLottie & MP4

Since 2018, at the end of each year, we have been developing a holiday wishes experience for the internal communication of one of our clients, with more than 13.000 employees around the world.

In 2021, they had a special request: to make the experience even more interactive, customisable and fast, including the ability to record an audio message.

The cards were designed and animated by the team, based on warm and positive vibes, using a festive color palette mixed with gradients and textures.

We made sure to cover all the different countries and cultures of our client’s international team when designing the holiday cards by adding translations in 10 different languages and illustrating themes such as Orthodox Christmas, Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year.

In addition to creating the cards that would be used only during the holiday season, we created other 5 evergreen cards that can be used during the whole year: to congratulate colleagues, wish them nice vacations and send happy birthday notes.

Interactive Experience

For this year’s project, we were asked to do the UX/UI design and develop the online experience of the cards' creation. On the dedicated platform, the user selects the card theme, adds a textual note, records an audio message, and picks a music track.

After that, they can preview the card before sharing it with their colleagues, friends and family. The complete experience is really fast and easy to use, and allows full customization of the greeting cards.

up to 5K
Animations that can be created per min

Stream and Download

Due to the big number of accesses that we would be facing, we needed to create an online structure that could support the high traffic and allow the fast creation of the animated cards. We therefore decided to create the cards using Lottie / Bodymovin, a lightweight technology that plays the video directly in the browser, on the user's computer or phone.

Web animations are perfect to be shared via a link, but we needed to deliver a video file for those that wanted to share the cards on social media. We added a feature that renders and downloads the video directly in the user browser (on desktop), without the need to plug-in expensive cloud rendering solutions.