The humans.

Every Algo projects starts with a collaboration with our team of designers, animators and developers.

We start by building a tailor-made video that fits your brand and communication objectives. Then we add our automation magic.

Project Director
Luca Gonnelli
Luca Gonnelli

The internet needs more video. Automation is here to help.

Social media changed the way we consume video, making it all about here and now. Something, thus, needs to change in the way we produce videos as well.

Algo creates videos that are meaningful and feel human even though they’re produced by a robot and at scale. That might as well be one of the challenges of our time.

Head of Design
Ilenia Notarangelo
Ilenia Notarangelo

Designing with data is such a different job, more similar to creating an app rather than a video.

It means the design process might start in Excel rather than in your fav visual design tool. It also means you can’t completely control where data will bring you.

You should be ready to abandon the linear video storytelling and embrace a navigation tree where every branch is a path where data might take you.

Motion Engineer
Matteo Ruffinengo
Matteo Ruffinengo

I take care of the link between data and their representation.

I work on the Video Automation process, creating animations that can be automagically customized in function of the data we receive.

As an artisan that cuts pixels and stitches them to data, maintaining a balance between scalability and good design is my focus, always trying to make our robot output videos that feel human.

Data Scientist
Nima Farzaneh
Luca Gonnelli

Everything starts with the data

I analyse all input data and create web-services that elaborate them to match our needs.

Then, I program our robot developing the trigger and the video output pipeline, integrating with social networks and the latest marketing solutions and technologies. Finally, I deploy the dedicated infrastructure to the cloud, making sure it works smoothly throughout the whole live period.

Marina Barbieri
Marina Barbieri

I will be your guide through the magic world of data-driven videos

From the beginning, I help elaborate a strategy and define a unique vision of how each video campaign should be developed.

Then, I collaborate with the team to find creative solutions in order to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently.

Business Development
Ani Karamanukyan
Ani Karamanukyan

I’m usually the first human that our clients meet, I present our work and find potential solutions.

Automated videos are a new thing. My role is to help clients imagine all the possibilities that this new media can unlock.

I start by understanding what makes clients unique, what makes them stand out. Then, I propose a concept that will enhance their video strategy, helping take it to the next level.

Motion Engineer Jr
Marco Oggero
Marco Oggero

I help in linking data to their representation in motion.

By now, Algo projects are getting bigger and more complex, so even our robot may need an extra hand (or brain). My job is to help it out wherever is needed, both in production and automation pipeline.

Algo Team
Designed by

Algo is the tech division of, our sibling studio specialised in design and animation. All our automation templates are completly tailor-made to fit your brand and are produced with the same quality standards that characterise our work for clients like Airbnb, CNN and UEFA.

This is possible since Algo automates After Effects, the same powerful software that motion designers use for animation and compositing.

Algo Blend Festival
Humans talking about robots

Our founders Ile and Luca love to talk about how online video is being affected by software and automation.

13/10/2015 Creativity Day Milano
30/5/2016 Creativity Day Roma
23/6/2016 Creativity Day Napoli
27/5/2017 Blend Festival, Vancouver
7/2/2019 Torino Digital Days
21/2/2019 Mouvo, Prague

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