From social trends to videos ads

A series of short videos blending automation with customized content to get the scoop on the trends emerging on social platforms.

Total number of videos created165
Trigger typeAI + User
Average creation time4:5, 16:9

Nextatlas' artificial intelligence algorithm is constantly listening to social platforms on the lookout for the next big thing. And automation helps visualize it: its social media team can pick an emerging trend ID and drop it in the Algo dashboard. Algo then pulls all the relevant data from their API and spins it into various video scenes, playing with different levels of customization.

Every video is based on six modular scenes, all generated automatically with data taken straight from the Nextatlas API. Thanks to Algo, the social media team can generate the best storytelling for each trend by choosing between the platform’s most interesting insights: moodboard, sentiment, social media sources, targets, locations, industries or top brands and adding their manual curation to make everything pop.
The integration of Unsplash into the Algo dashboard makes it really easy to embed commercially-licensed pictures into the moodboards, without having to even having to leave the dashboard, thanks to in-line search.
Balls decoration
Trend forecasting taps into the knowledge of all social media posts published every hour:

Modular design

Things get even more interesting when the available options go beyond the customisation of contents, color and music, stretching into which scene gets shown, which gets skipped and the order of scenes within the video.

The template is —in fact— built with a modular approach.

The Nextatlas social team can select (for each video) which are the most interesting data aspects to be highlighted, and thus add the corresponding scenes to the video timeline. The result: no video looks the same.

Straight to all your social media libraries

You don't have to download and re-upload every video to publish it on the most popular video and social platforms. The Algo integration of Facebook and Youtube makes publishing videos as easy as creating them.

As soon as the render is finalised, Algo automatically imports the new video to the Facebook Ad Library, where you can run it as part of your social Ad campaign in a few taps, and on Youtube, where it's uploaded privately for one last human check before hitting "publish".

This way the team is free to focus on the creative work, while all the hustle of repeated downloads and uploads is left to the robot.

For all social needs, of course

Sharing comes in many shapes and forms.

That’s why Algo automatically renders videos in the right aspect ratio for each chosen social platform, switching from a 16:9 format to a 4:5 one in a (robot) heartbeat.

Whether it’s Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, sharing the next big trend in the right format becomes a matter of instants. This way, carefully curated content reaches its public in no time.