Olympics Medal Tracker.

For every medal won in Rio, Algo created a video celebrating the gold, silver and bronze winners. This allowed Bloomberg to cover the event faster than anyone else.

Total number of videos created 237
Trigger type Daily
Average creation time 2 min
When Bloomberg asked us to automate their videos for the Olympics, we let Algo compete in the games. Could a video bot customise a template faster than what Usain Bolt takes to run 100m? Find out.
Balls decoration

We approached the project with a clear architecture in mind: a medal is won, its data are pushed to our server, a video gets created autonomously without any human interaction, the video gets published on social media. All in less than 2 minutes.

We started to tackle the project from flags and colours. For the project colour palette we picked the 5 classic colours of the olympic games, but tuned them up a bit to have the Bloomberg electric blue be part of it, and matched all other colours accordingly.

Simplified flags of all countries attending the Olympics

We then went through a massive 3 days team work where we re-designed and simplified all the world’s flags to become mini-flags made in the palette colours only, and with a low, matching level of visual complexity.

At that point, we decided to colour the videos in function of the gold medal winning country. We thus had to create one sub-palette for each of the 207 countries attending the games.

Designers love Excel

Since we had multiple flags overlapping the backgrounds, shades, texts and testing all the possible outputs was almost impossible, using Excel was the only option. We defined the colours as variables, used conditional formatting to visualise them within Excel, filled all up and then exported the palette data as a .json file, later fed to After Effects. Designers love Excel.

40+ Sport Field illustrations

After colour customisation, we focused on how to represent all the different sports of the Olympics. We grouped all different disciplines into 43 categories and decided to represent them with a custom illustration of their corresponding sport field.

The title text would then precisely define the event, especially in competitions like swimming or athletics that have multiple events whitin their category.
Videos were customised faster that what takes to Usain Bolt to run 100m.
7 secs


All videos were automatically pushed to millions of followers on Bloomberg social media accounts. Especially on Twitter, like when Andy Murrey won the gold medal for 2 times in a row.