Vocal Staff Pick Video Ads

Everyday the Vocal team picks some of the best articles written on their platform and uses Algo to turn these into social video ads, driving people to read the stories on their site.

Total number of videos created252
Trigger typeUser
Average creation time4:5, 9:16

Once the Vocal social selects the daily Staff Pick stories on their platform, they can copy & paste the link of the article into our dashboard and Algo automatically gathers all the relevant info in no time. They can modify every text and picture and even add a quote from the article, to add that human touch.

In order to create videos that always look different, Algo customises each video’s colour palette, adding a duo-tone effect to images, in function of the article’s category. It then chooses the look of the intro sequence and the music track, among three different options.
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Straight to Facebook

By logging in with their Facebook account into our dashboard, clients allow Algo to automatically upload freshly created videos inside their Facebook Ad Account Library, saving them the time of downloading and reuploading all contents and enabling marketing automations on the client side.

When you create an Ad, you find all Algo videos directly in your media library and just need to add the budget and target to launch your automated social campaign.

Social Video Ad spending will grow in the next three years by a rate of
Multiple formats - to rule them all

In order to create contents that are easily shareable on different social platforms, Algo simultaneously creates the same video in two different formats.

A vertical one (in 9:16), suitable for Instagram Stories or Snapchat and a 4:5 one, perfect to be posted in social feeds such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Algo is able to render multiple formats at the same time letting clients be present in all the touch-points that today’s fragmented media landscape requires. This can include all of the specific social media formats or even point-of-sale video formats that can be automatically pushed to indoor screens around the world.