Automate videos.

Algo is the cloud platform creating real-time, data-driven videos at scale, starting from tailored design templates.

Launch your video strategy with the help of humans and a robot.

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Algo starts with our team building the video design

Design team
Videos rendered by Algo in the last 12 months

Algo runs After Effects in the cloud.

Cloud rendering

The future of online shopping

The future of online shopping

Grab the link of one of your e-commerce product pages, copy-paste it into Algo and automatically receive a video about it.

Designed by humans,
generated by robots.

For every project our team of humans creates a tailored design template consistent with your brand and codes it to make it speak with live data.

Also, data analysis is something we really focus on, to make sure videos are meaningful to your audience. Data aren’t just important to populate the templates. They can also automatically trigger the creation of videos. A team scored, the Bitcoin surpassed a new edge, a customer left his cart empty: once the campaign is live our cloud robot autonomously generates videos exactly when needed.

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The Dashboard

Take control of your data-driven video campaign through our dashboard. Use it to keep track of every video created, to edit the campaign settings or check your remaining credit.

Algo Dashboard
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Connect from anywhere, on any device, your automated video campaign is at your fingertips.

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Algo runs over https, meaning that only you can access your campaign data.

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